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Sell a lot of things, and need an amazing price on your screens? Our presale membership is just what you need! Your monthly membership fee of $35 grants you the following-

Access to a members only section of the site. There you will find-

.40 cent single color presales, in packs of 10.

$2.25 full color presales, sold singly

Members only exclusive designs

You will also get an invitation to a members only Facebook group, and a personalized coupon code good for 15% off all orders site wide. It will ONLY apply to regular priced items. As of right now that excludes Transfer Tuesday, Thrifty Thursday, and Christmas in July. If other special priced items show up down the road, they will be excluded too.

You will not be able to stack discounts. If I offer a sale or coupon code, you can't add your code to it.




For $30/month, all of your shipping fees will be waived. I will hold all of your orders from Tues-Mon, and ship them to you once per week, Priority Mail. Those boxes will go out on Wednesdays.

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