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Sublimation Transfer Application

Sublimation transfers can be used on either hard or soft substrates with a poly coating or polyester fibers.

Substrates must be white or light in color. Sublimation inks do not print white. Anywhere there would be white in a design, the substrate shows through. For example, the white in an American flag would look pink, if pressed on a pink shirt.

Soft Substrates-100% poly is preferred for soft items such as shirts, aprons, bags, etc. Items MUST be at least 50% poly for the image to show clearly. Remember though, whatever percentage there is poly, that's the percentage of ink that remains permanent. A shirt that's 75% poly, will lose 25% of it's ink when washed the first time.

Hard Substrates- The item MUST be coated with a poly substance. Look for items labeled 'sublimation blank'. Those items have been specially coated to take the sublimation ink.


Every press is different. The following instructions are just a guideline. It is up to you to figure out what works for you and your press. Hard substrates come with their own recommendations.

Press with medium pressure at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.

Don't forget blowout paper. Uncoated butcher paper is quite inexpensive, and easily available on Amazon and at Sam's Club. You need a piece over top your transfer, and under the layer the transfer is on. If you are pressing a shirt, the paper goes inside the shirt. In the case of an apron, the paper can go on the bottom of the apron. This prevents sublimation ink from transferring to places you don't want it- the back of the shirt, the bottom of your press, etc.

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