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Fancy Flamingos Waterslide Decal or Printed Vinyl for Pen Wraps

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6 Images per page(2 of each image pictured) - Laser Printed, No Sealing Needed, Ready to apply
Available either as waterslide decals or as printed vinyl

Approx 1.75'' x 4.75'', may require trimming depending on your pen size.
Highest quality waterslide paper.
No curling edges!
Easy to apply.
High resolution images.

Waterslide Application Instructions:
1. Trim around the image leaving a small border
2. Place it in room temp water for approx. 15-30 Seconds
3. Wet down area on SMOOTH surface where you’d like to place the waterslide
4. Slide the waterslide off backing onto the pen.
5. Take a damp paper towel and GENTLY smooth out wrinkles.
6. Let completely dry (24 hours) before adding epoxy etc.

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