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Sassy Cows Waterslide Decals for tumblers

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3.5" Clear Waterslide - Laser Printed (No Sealing Required) and Ready to Ship!

Waterslides are sold five decals to a sheet. You can have a sheet of a single design, or with one of each design shown.

Please see the instructions below:
1. Cut out the image
2. Place it in warm water for approx. 30 Seconds
3. Wet down area on tumbler that you’d like to place the waterslide
4. Slide the waterslide onto the tumbler.
5. Take a damp paper towel and smooth out and wrinkles in the slide.
6. Let completely dry before adding epoxy.

If you would like any of my sublimation transfers as waterslide decals, or another design you don't see, please message me. It is my goal to get what you want/need!

There are no refunds on transfers. I check every single page that leaves my studio for quality. As long as they are applied properly, they will result in a quality finished product.

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